Vietnam walnut table top
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Size: 1.2x2m
Wood type: Vietnam walnut
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Product introduction

The table with natural live edge is made out of solid Vietnam walnut wood. The freeform tabletop with its natural wood grain has a modern rustic appeal that pairs beautifully and effortlessly with the industrial minimalist design of matte black or any kind of legs. Nature never goes out of style and neither will us.


In order to diversify the products and serve the diverse needs of customers, Global Gate launched the tabletop models with many designs, sizes, meeting the needs of replacing or selecting the right table top type. Customer design space for cafes, restaurants, fastfood bars ..

Acacia wooden table with square table top, live edge in the 2 sides of table, inside is assembled with natural wooden bars. This is the type of table tops that customers and choose a lot for cafes, restaurants ... today. Table top brings simplicity, modernity, combined with iron legs and suitable for many different types of chairs to give flexibility to your space.

Detailed specifications

Size: 1.2x2m

Materials: Vietnam walnut 

Color: Brown

Application: household, office, restaurant, coffee....

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